Things I am currentyly doing

There are a lot of thing I enjoy doing with computers. Most of the times I do linux server administration for WiSeInno and the various platforms behind it. I also provide technical support to my school servers and helping classmates get to grips with it. But most of all I enjoy coding. I have been experimenting with various languages and frameworks but the one that I really love is ruby and especially web developement with Ruby on Rails.

  • Servers
  • Support
  • Code

Server Administration
& linux management

WiseInno infastracture is consisted of 5 servers with each one of them assisting the team to operate in a diferrent ways. Platforms like GitLab, Zammad and other kind of open source software has been installed and maintained. We also have a webserver that holds our websites on the up and also a mailserver so that can communicate safely with our own domain.

school it support
cadence server

Cadence Virtuozo platform is an indispensable part of the modern circuits design and simulation not only in universities but also in industries. Part of the academinc training of the MSc programme in modern electronics is Virtuoso platform. I help my create accounts get licensed in the server and start using the software. I also have written some tutorials. Check them out here.

& Webdev

I spend a considerable part of the day in front of my computer. Most of that time I am coding. I do various things like shell scripts for WiSeInno servers and various tiny tools, in ruby, I use through terminal. The thing I enjoy and also do the most is webdev mostly on rails.


Some of the things I have done so far. Their are not cutting edge software nor ground-braking innovations but I am really pround of them as I have gained a lot of experience because of them.

  • Shell Script

    Keeping computers up to date is a devastating factor nowadays. So I build a little tool with bash and ruby that helps me achieve that. The tool performs various important, yet simple operations and it uploads the logs on and mail me the results.

  • Web Development

    The last months I had to built various website for WiSeInno. I mostly use templates from HTML5UP like this one and middleman as backend for simple projects that don't require a lot of code. In bigger projects like Dash, check below, I of course use Rails.

  • WiSeInno Pages

    Some of the pages that you may want to have a look are: Home, Events, Registrtions.

  • My Dashboard

    I am building a custom dashboard totally on rails that uses various apis and presents the collected data in one place in a modern and handy way. Coming Soon

Get in Touch

I am pretty open to conversations so you should not hesitate getting in touch in social media links below, or via the contact form!