Intro: Recently in my team WiSeInno, we decided to try something different than Slack in order to improve our productivity and find previous message with ease. First choice was the Twist app from the Doist team. For me it is an excellent pick for those who are searching something in between mails and live chat. Although Twist is definitely a productivity booster, not all the team members liked it so I decided to search for an alternative. What I found was Flowdock and it is also a great pick for its own reasons.


In my own opinion Flowdock is also something in between Slack (live chat) and Twist (strict asynchronous communication). You can both synchronous and asynchronous communications you have all the markdown features, I find pretty useful, plus tags and threads to make searching older messages easy. So in order to get started with flowdock I wrote an internal wiki article for my team, and I decided to get it published cause it might be helpful to someone else also!


You can use various text format via the Markdown Syntax. Some main examples are provided below:

Bold => **Bold**

Emphasize => *Emphasize*

code => ` code `

multiline code




* Use 3 dashes instead of two

@usermention => @usermention

#tag => #tag


Flowdock supports message threading in order to keep conversations easy to search and to stay on topic. I suggest using at least two tags on a thread so that you can find your way to the message you are searching more easily in chaotic conversations.

Team Inbox

Team inbox is the place where integrations are showing their notifications. You can choose many integrations per flow/channel!

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