Welcome to my brand new blog! I am moving on to a new field of expertise which means a major change in my academic life so I decided to change my web place also! I decided to separate my different interests to different websites so that it will be easy for the visitor to find what he is searching. So from now on my webpage is structured like this:

  • Welcome Page: A simple but warm welcome page
  • Physics: My “ old ” website that includes my physics related activities
  • CS Page: My fresh page which includes my developing and IT activities and this blog I hope to keep up to date!
The Blog

I always wanted to build and maintain and nice looking and also worth reading blog about coding tech and relative topics. In this blog I plan to write about my work and my experience on coding and also tools I use to be productive and make my work a little bit easier. I will be posting about new articles on my social media ( check footer ) especially on twitter! I would really appreciate the feedback so if you have some time write me some words to tell me what you like and what you don’t (the most important part ).

My email is ds@strdi.me