Ssh (tunneling) is easiest way to remotely use any computer. It is fast, light and reliable. It is like generating a command line of the remote computer in your screen. Below we will describe the basic routine you have to follow in order to connect and use a distant computer via ssh.

Before we move on with this tutorial we want to make clear that connecting via ssh does not provide a user interface (gui), it just provides distant terminal access to the user, which is more that enough!

The software

Windows are not UNIX based OS so there is no native ssh client and you have to get your self one. Putty is the most popular one. We recommended because it is widely used and reliable.

Download Putty v0.68 Alternatively you can search for the newest version here


Putty is directly executable, which means that once you download the compressed file .zip and unzip it you can run it directly, no installation needed. Just remember to save the putty.exe file in a folder you can find it easily.


Once you launch Putty all you have to do is fill in the information needed for the connection.

Hostname CNAME or IP
Port 22 (default)
username (optional)
password (optional)

You can leave the username and password spaces blank. The program will ask you while connecting.

Also, another way to verify you identity on ssh server is with the ssh-key which is generated from your computer and is unique. If you want to to generate and use an ssh-key check this article


Thats all! You can now use the computer remotely!


It is highly recommended to switch from default password on your first login for your own safety. If the server does not prompt to do so automatically you can run :


You’d be asked to enter the password twice!

Have in mind the you won’t see any characters on the screen nor the cursor moving